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They are both rich but have nothing in common except for that and their invitations to a luxurious green resort deep in a rainforest where a Davos-like conference for the good and the great is to be held. Carrie Alexander is a take-charge financial executive with energy to burn, Thom Hearn is a rags-to-riches author of trashy horror novels that get made into splatter movies for dumb teenagers and nitwit adults. She is unknown outside the stratospheric levels of high finance; he is all too well known thanks to the guttersnipe tabloids. They begin to have a whole lot in common when the pilot of their small plane dies at the controls on the last leg of the journey. The reality of the conference is dangerously different from what they are led to believe, but they don’t know that yet. After a harrowing trek from the crash site, the gorgeous resort looks like a vision of heaven. But it slowly sinks in that there are weirdos and worse around them. One is a serial killer from Hearn’s fiction who is ravenous for revenge on the author that made him what he is. Then another fictional character shows up... and another. But that is just the beginning. The realization dawns on Thom and Carrie that it is up to them to save the world in the face of breaking deadlines as the jungle begins to devour the resort. And they are buck naked by then.

BookLife Prize Critic's Report: "Carroll is a superb writer, with a clear gift for not only prose but for plotting, pacing and characterization. With a gripping narrative that will hook the reader from the very first page, this haunting story is the stuff nightmares are made of." Overall: 10 Stars. (Maximum possible).