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The House of DeWolff: A Case of Malicious Persecution

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Joseph is an unassuming young man who is looking forward to his upcoming marriage. He has just inherited a house from his maternal grandfather, a hardworking immigrant from Holland, and is preparing it as a home for himself and his bride in a small town in Pennsylvania. Yet the local police seem inordinately interested in Joseph and his property. They stop him whenever he is jogging, enter his property, pull him over several times on the road without cause, and the ex-mayor implies that Joseph is to sell the well-located, multi-purpose house to the municipality. When Joseph shows every intention of occupying the house himself, he’s pulled over late one evening, hauled out of his vehicle, slammed into the side of a police car, and then forced down a darkened staircase into a dank basement with three police officers and no witnesses. Soon the psychologically and physically bruised Joseph learns he must fight five charges in court. Thus begins a threatening legal situation that runs afoul to cover up this injustice. It swoops down chillingly over Joseph’s life, haunting his every footstep from state to state, absorbing his energies and funds trying to uphold his civil and constitutional rights, damaging his psyche and straining his relationships. It escalates until it culminates in midnight raids, handcuffs, and Joseph being hauled away from his toddler son to prison in chains. With a mountain of documentation as evidence, Joseph’s family fights alongside him as he strives to clear his name in the midst of a legal storm that threatens to engulf them all. Follow this amazing true story that has been a well-kept secret until now. Included in my story is some of the legal documentation that was used against me along with many photographs.