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Bob Yari
Bob Yari, author
In his philosophical treatise, THE HUMAN CONDITION, author Bob Yari offers a pathway to fulfillment and happiness -- based on a balanced lifestyle, a positive attitude, and gratitude for the world's abundance.
This stimulating, straight-to-the-point guide offers ways for readers to "modify our own propensities, moving beyond our natural programming and instincts to better enjoy our lives.” Yari proposes that it’s urgent for humanity to open our minds, expand our patterns of thinking, and become receptive to truths and imperatives from outside the constraints of our established belief systems, organized religions, and traditional schools of thought. Yari argues that many of our ingrained assumptions and beliefs come from influences like our environment and social norms, and that actively seeking out ideologies or beliefs that might truly lead to happiness and fulfillment demands that we “stand outside our bubble of perception and look at ourselves from the outside.” In the compact The Human Condition he explores ways to navigate a new pathway toward a balanced lifestyle, a positive outlook, and a feeling of gratitude for all that this world has to offer.

With plainspoken precision, Yari delves into the human consciousness, our emotions, and the self-awareness that allows us to strive to understand what’s unknown in our "known" beliefs. Modifying one's thinking is a major theme throughout this book. Yari urges readers to step outside their beliefs, free of emotion or prior influence, and align with the base level functions of our minds, our bodies, and the universe. While he’s frank about the fact that any overhaul of years of ingrained thoughts and beliefs will be daunting, Yari writes with the persuasive and inviting—yet at times challenging—voice of a coach or guide.

This is an accessible, stirring, and thought-provoking (though occasionally familiar) consideration of the human condition that is brief enough to be read in one sitting, but heavy enough to reward time spent in contemplation.This book will resonate with any reader who is actively ready to explore their understanding of themselves with an open mind and take active responsibility for their path to happiness and wholeness within themselves.

Takeaway: A comprehensive self-help guide to reprogramming one’s assumptions and forging a path toward fulfillment.

Great for fans of: Napoleon Hill’s How to Own Your Own Mind, David J. Goleman’s Rewire Your Brain.

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