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The Indomitable Titans: Gods of Men
EVAN BROCK, author
A Titan named Sulem Al’Tarik and his apprentice Zion, attack another Titan family, House Araelus, looking to take their Jade Crystal shard and restart a war. Every Araelus in that attack is killed except for one, Jessie. She is saved by a young group of Titans ready to fight A'Tarik. In the attack, Al’Tarik learns that the Araelus family don’t have the shard in their possession. A young human woman named Katie Rooney has it revealed to her by her dying grandfather that he is guarding a powerful artifact that Katie needs to find. It is in fact, the Araelus’ Jade Crystal shard. At the Citadel in Tibet, the only other living Araelus, Rouke, is informed of the attack on his family by the Elder. They head back to bury them and find his family’s shard piece. To combat any Riuken’s along the way of his search, Al’Tarik forms a team of Zolleran Warriors he refers to as his Apostles. The Elder must act in kind and recruit more Riuken Warriors to fight the coming battles. He also recruits a veteran name Rome, who has a long history with Al’Tarik. Rouke and Katie’s paths cross while searching for a crystal shard. They join up but are attacked upon discovering it. While being saved by Rome and the Elder’s team, Rouke realizes he isn’t strong enough to fight his Zolleran foes. Rome challenges Al’Tarik to a one-on-one duel. Rome loses and is seriously hurt from the encounter. Personalities clash within the newly formed Riuken team but efforts to comes together as a team are made. The Riukens are then attacked. The strategic ambush allows the Zollerans to take two Crystal shards. The last one left belongs to Rouke, who is off being trained by Rome to get stronger. The Riukens re-group. Rome sends Rouke away to hide with the shard while, the rest head to where the Zollerans are. At a world leader’s conference on live TV, Al’Tarik reveals their existence to the world once more and plans to use the Jade Crystal and the power of one of his Apostles to control both humans and Riukens alike. The Riukens arrive to fight them, with Rouke deciding to join them after mediating on what to do. The Apostles begin to fall in battle and Rome sacrifices himself for Rouke to land the killing attack on Al’Tarik. Zion survives and forces Rouke to choose between Katie’s life and the Jade Crystal. He chooses Katie and Zion takes control of the Crystal. The Riukens try to fight Zion but are now overmatched. The Elder uses an ancient weapon to defeat Zion and destroy the Crystal completely. The Riukens decide to stay together to fight any future threats. Rouke, not sure he belongs there, returns to the Citadel while Katie goes back to her normal life but also decides to speak to the world about the humanity of the Titans. After mediating, Rouke decides his new life calling is to return to the Elder’s team to protect the innocent against whatever threats comes next.