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Terence Adu
The Infinite Man
Terence Adu, author
Are you a Man on your Quest of Self Discovery? Are you looking to put your Dating Troubles in the past? The Infinite Man: A Guide to Healing Masculinity and Modern Romance is your complete guide to learning how to overcome past hurts and achieve a sense of wholeness that will ensure you have a long, happy life. Learn how to improve your dating life and build deep lasting romances with that extra touch of masculinity and so much more. Based on the real-life experiences of Terence Adu, The Infinite Man is gut-wrenching, raw, and emotional on many levels. It is an exposition of how broken men can learn to heal, achieve a deep understanding of self-actualization, and maintain a sense of self-worth that will ensure happiness and wholeness for the rest of your life. Inside this book, The Infinite Man - A Guide to Healing Masculinity and Modern Romance, you can begin to unravel what it is that sets some above others when it comes to masculinity and heal your wounds, with chapters that examine: Building a framework for life Healing your masculine and feminine sides Your strengths and weaknesses How to improve your attractiveness to a woman What women really want from you Developing conversation skills Creating the right mindset And much more… If you are ready to begin your transformational journey and begin the road to being more masculine, pick up your copy of The Infinite Man today. No one cares more about your future than you. Isn’t it time you took yours into your own hands?