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Hussain Almossawi
The Innovator's Handbook

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

What does it take to transform creativity into sustained innovation? Why does it seem so hard to continually come up with something new, beautiful, and earth-moving? How can we overcome our limiting beliefs as creatives? In The Innovator's Handbook, award-winning designer and author Hussain Almossawi helps designers and creatives harness their fire, flex their courage, and supercharge their ideas to create remarkable products, services, and experiences. The lessons in this book will empower you to develop the types of ideas and products that continually change the world. Drawing on Almossawi’s experiences working with and designing for companies like Adidas, Nike, Intel, Apple, Ford, Versace, and Pepsi, the lessons in these pages are focused on helping creatives in any industry uncover methods to generate new ideas and avoid common traps. You’ll learn to start small to create big. You’ll learn to stay open to the world around you and draw on wonder. You’ll learn to funnel failure into inspiration. You’ll learn the importance of diversity in seeing your world from outside its everyday box and growing a bigger vision. And you'll discover some of the most important aspects of design thinking to unlock greater innovation in the stages of ideation, sketching, prototyping, testing, business strategy, and more. It's your time now. What will you innovate next?
Almossawi explores a multifaceted process of innovation in this sharp debut, delivering valuable resources and straightforward tools for readers who have or seek to develop an “innovator’s mindset.” Declaring his goal is to stimulate curiosity in new creatives, he approaches that outcome in a fresh, engaging way by emphasizing the driving forces behind curiosity and innovative thinking—such as diversity, understanding the impact of our environments, laser-focused thinking, and never being afraid to ask questions. Almossawi’s advice, based on the “first principles” approach to innovation, is delivered against the backdrop of Mélissa Menu’s brightly colored, comics-inspired illustrations, resulting in an inviting layout that will hold reader attention.

Although compact, Almossawi’s handbook thoroughly analyzes the power of innovation within a tech-world framework. Drawing from years of design industry experience with companies including Apple, Nike, and Intel, he breaks down the thought processes, mindset, and environments that have fostered innovation, often illustrating the concepts with examples from the lives of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and others. Almossawi presents guidance in a light, motivational tone, giving the handbook an airy and companionable feel that will resonate with readers—and the addition of key takeaway points sprinkled throughout the guide keep the emphasis on the practical. Particularly helpful are the eight practical exercises included at the end, such as “The Post-It Note Challenge,” aimed to help readers stimulate their creative brain by working off of instinct.

Readers will find this handbook rich with constructive advice. Almossawi states: “Many of the advances that we take for granted were driven by those who were willing to ask simple questions that others may have seen as foolish,” and he asserts that “childlike wonder” is an essential skill for innovation, encouraging readers to view the everyday through a quizzical lens. Creative minds, especially designers, will appreciate Almossawi’s chummy, inspirational manner in this accomplished guide.

Takeaway: Designers and other creatives will enjoy the fresh, practical feel of this guide to innovation.

Great for fans of:Scott D. Anthony’s Eat, Sleep, Innovate, Jeff DeGraff and Staney DeGraff’s The Creative Mindset.

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