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The Island: A Story of Youth
Natch Greyes, author
When Victor Fugo boarded the ship to the Island, the world was at peace. By the time he disembarks, the idea that the third world war was the last war has been shattered. Emerging from the jungle, Victor finds himself embroiled in a regional conflict set within a larger conflagration. Leading the conflagration is self-styled populist politician John Wei. Fanning the flames of rebellion, John asserts that he's just trying to do what's right for his people and cast off the yolk of the International Union. Against the political upheaval consuming the Island, peace is elusive. Or so Princess Selene discovers as she fights against the paralyzing bonds of tradition. Struggling against convention, Selene soon finds herself confronting more than just tradition. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Clara Edwards uses tradition to cloak herself from the world. Finding herself on the losing side of a war, Clara soon finds herself embroiled in an effort to shatter the old world in favor of a new one. Only time will tell whether the efforts to remake the world will succeed.