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The 'It' Girls of La Sembradora: Bulls, Blood and Brujeria
When world famous matador El Victor comes to their dusty village for the most anticipated bullfight ever, two young Mexican girls manage to attend the highly coveted events of the day and even meet the young star! Readers follow the girls' hilarious antics to wrangle glamorous outfits and hairdos for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The story provides a vivid look at the pomp and circumstance of bullfighting (as it used to be) and the festivities that follow at a romantic social with music and dancing...until the evening is dramatically interrupted and the girls' lives are changed forever. Meanwhile, a fortune teller warns that evil will happen the day of the bullfight. The girls giggle, chortle and guffaw and even resort to some "witchcraft" of their own as they make their way from one adventure to the next in this melodramatic story that provides a humorous slice-of- life look at a cultural setting not commonly found in American literature (1930s arid northern Mexico) while exploring characters that readers today can relate to. Explores issues girls face regardless of time or place: envious friends, shallow boys, and fragile self-images. Latina readers may relish a glimpse into a social world many of their grandmothers and great grandmothers might've enjoyed.