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Anne Sostman
The Iyanndyre Born
Anne Sostman, author

Rioyn Orro is bound and determined to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a soldier in the Grynndyre Command. In order to follow his dreams, Rioyn must convince his father that he is able to live up to the grueling standards of becoming one of the realm’s finest cadets. Rioyn will go to great lengths to achieve his goal of entering the Seivan War College under the Order of Soldier’s and earning the title of FirstElite.

Ayva Orro, Rioyn’s fraternal twin sister, has already entered the Seivan War College under the Order of Galilei and will compete during the Festival of Seivan in the Tournament of Galieli to earn her title of FirstElite. During the week’s end of festivities, Ayva’s heart is set a flutter when she is courted by Rioyn’s best friend, Jaxyon Risor. 

During the Festival of Seivan, the city of Casstell is attacked by Shivane and Sylon Greyea of Dremaria. They have released their soldiers of the Starless Army to attack the entire realm and conquer it once and for all. Shivane and Sylon capture almost everyone within the realm and trap them between worlds under their Shrouded Veil.

Rioyn and Ayva, and Rioyn's best friend– and love interest, Falla Kai will embark on a journey across Seivan to find the one legends hail as the Iyanndyre Born– the only person powerful enough to stop Shivane and Sylon from destroying their realm. They will traverse through some of the most dangerous and forbidden areas within their realm in order to reach the restricted Iyanndyre, where they believe the Iyanndyre Born is.

Through their journey, the trio will be pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and emotionally as they discover who they really are and grapple with who they desire to become,