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The Jacobean Ring
This is a fantasy, fiction crime novel set in Edinburgh= of the 1970s with an alternative Edinburgh populated by the Lore and Myths of Scotland. A body materializes out of a historical landmark on the High Street of Edinburgh. A figure is seen standing over this body and a young policeman, Cade Inver-Carron chases this figure. The thing disappears after touching an old well in the Grassmarket. Cade is introduced to a specialized department within the Edinburgh Police. This department is the gate guards to a doorway to the alternative realm of Edin-Alba. The body is discovered to have lived in Edinburgh but has visited Edin-Alba. A lot of historical artifacts have come onto the market. It is a red herring the real trade is in modified rifles for a secure doorway into the country for drugs. A heroin factory in Edin-Alba and a secure way passed customs/police into Scotland.