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  • 07/2020
  • 978-1-64670-855-0 978-1-64670-854-3
  • 24 pages
  • $13.95
matt bell
The Jellies and the Crunchers
Matt Bell, author
The Jellies and The Crunchers deals with a community that is sharply divided on how to act, dress, think, and what to eat. There is a great conflict in the community and an even greater resolution led by a brave little girl who brings the community together. It is a beautifully illustrated and fun book for children of grades 1-3 to be read to and 4-8 to read and discuss.
Plot/Idea: 0 out of 10
Originality: 0 out of 10
Prose: 0 out of 10
Character/Execution: 0 out of 10
Overall: 0.00 out of 10


Entry disqualified because word count under 30,000.

Date Submitted: June 17, 2020



Age at time of review - 11 

Reviewer's Location - Leesburg, VA, United States 

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The crunchers like crunchy crackers, and the jellies like sticky jelly. The crunchers don't like the jellies, and the jellies don't like the crunchers. The jellies don't want to try crackers because they think they are to crunchy. The crunchers don't want to try jelly because it's to sticky. This causes a fight. A split between the town. The mayor likes jelly, and the sheriff likes crackers. They fight and sticky jelly and crunchy crackers land mixed on everyone's faces. Will they ever act as a peaceful town again? Will they ever stop fighting?


I think it's a great story. I like the moral which is about trying new things and bringing together a community. I think this book is great for kids who are picky about trying new things. The illustrations were great too.  They made the story come to life. Kids will not just enjoy the story, they will like the illustrations too. I recommend this amazing book to kids eight years and younger.




Midwest Review

The Jellies and the Crunchers is a picture book story (illustrations not seen by this reviewer) of a town that holds two very different types of people: 'jellies' (who only eat sticky jelly) and 'crunchers' (who will only consume crunchy crackers). Kids who hold preferences for specific textures and foods will immediately relate to the story before it even gets off the ground...but, there's more to recommend this book than flavor and texture alone.


Although the jellies and crunchers are a disparate group of people, there's one problem: "The Jellies think that the Crunchers are messy and loud. The Crunchers think the Jellies are messy and gooey. And they don’t get along so well."


These groups have very different habits, shop in different stores for their different food obsessions, and remain separate: "Throughout the history of the town, a Jelly has never been in a crunchy cracker shop and a Cruncher has never been in a Jelly shop."


The townspeople do come together in the square to eat...but the two groups remain apart, and this is where a problem evolves, as the jellies create sticky messes and the crunchers contribute crumbles to the problem. Both sides point at the other's habits as being the culprit.


Even the Mayor, who is supposed to be fair, has chosen a side. How can the town come together?


Matt Bell creates a fun, winning story with a message that will especially delight read-aloud parents looking for stories about adversity, differences, and unity. The strong social issue and community focus, couched in a delightfully whimsical approach to differences and perceptions, makes The Jellies and the Crunchers a special winner that is widely and highly recommended for parent read-aloud and educator pursuit alike.

Ebook Details
  • 07/2020
  • 978-1-64670-855-0 978-1-64670-854-3
  • 24 pages
  • $13.95