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PJ Selarom
THE JODE: Part 3: Ygl & the Dwarf
PJ Selarom, author
Zaendaran dialects have mysteriously disappeared. Elvin General Ygl and Ding the Dwarven thief split from the Party of the Jode. They’re racing to Kyblore Island to warn the Nixies about the infamous Jode’s insidious power, and encountering obstacles. No small feat because Man's psychotic emperor, Rondo, works with the God of Evil, Xurchon, to block the Party and our heroes' efforts as the Giants and Ogres come to war’s brink. Will they make it to Kyblore on time to find the Jode to end a national war? Will Ygl overcome his jodepiece’s evil influence? Meanwhile, Ygl’s son, Limbus goes through a rite of passage as others and he experiences memorial awakenings revealing more of Zaendara’s forgotten past that could answer much of today's turmoil on Inner Earth. When atheist Ding’s secret is revealed, will Ygl find the strength to rise above it or perish like the Elves and Dwarves already have to Man? And Xurchon's Raaligor are on the hunt.