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The Journal of Darien Dexter Duff, Jr., an Emancipated Slave (Louisiana 1865)
This book is about a large extended slave family who has been EMANCIPATED and is forced to find a new home as well as work to support the family. DARIEN DEXTER DUFF, JR. records the many trials and tribulations and hysterical things that happen to his PAPPY, MAMMY, SIBLINGS, AUNTIE SUE, her brood of rascally boys plus one baby, MAMMY MARIE, and SOLANGE, her pretty little daughter who DARIEN DUFF falls in love with..The family is led by PAPPY across gator, hog, and poisonous snake infested bayous in Louisiana and takes a PADDLE WHEEL ship down the colorful MISSISSIPPI RIVER to settle in the bustling INTERNATIONAL port of NEW ORLEANS about the time of the birth of DIXIELAND JAZZ. This book is a good introduction about the era of slavery and ,Emancipation, The author, an elementary teacher and school librarian, will write a TEACHERS GUIDE to accompany this book. Marketing is aimed at UPPER ELEMENTARY STUDENTS, MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS, and CIVIL WAR and AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUMS. HAVE FUN, MS. OR MR.; READER!