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The Journal of Jack Black, a Fugitive Slave (North Carolina, Bahamas, Jamaica, Tortuga, St. Croix 1718)
Jack Black and her older brother, Samson, grew up on a North Carolina plantation. Since their parents, Minnie and Sam, were sold, the children were raised by Crazy Ole Gert who was Minnie's mother. When Crazy Ole Gert died and the young teens and their FAT BLACK CAT, named MISSUS FLUFFERS, were left alone, they decided to run away from their plantation. After precarious days escaping slave catchers, the two children and MISSUS FLUFFERS were rescued and taken aboard BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE'S ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. BLACKBEARD was the most notorious pirate in history. However he saw MISSUS FLUFFERS who immediately became his ship's ratter, mosuser, and critter cotcher. And Samson became the ship's cook' though he had never cooked before. Jack became the ship's logger since she knew how to read and write. Jack and Samson however ended up on Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet's ship which went on a search for the notorious BLACKBEARD sailing on hiis ship to the Bahamas, and Caribbean Islands after Blackbeard's men marooned Stede Bonnet's men on a deserted island. JACK and SAMSON are included in the many adventures Captain Stede finds himself. BLACKBEARD and STEDE BONNET had fugitive slaves aboard their ships, so this fictional book is based on eyewitness and documented events. THE AUTHORS' NOTE in the back of the book contains two sections, one about "THE GOLDEN AGE OF PIRACY" and the other about " SLAVERY from WEST and EAST AFRICA to the NEW WORLD". Specific details are included about life aboard a slave ship. My MAIN GOAL for my PLANTATION and PIRATES series is to encourage children to learn to read history, enjoy the colorful events, and be a lifelong reader of HISTORICAL FICTION and NONFICTION.