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The Journeyman Life
The Path to Being a Better Man Many modern men are consumed by anger, frustration, aggression, and fear. We are unable to connect effectively as a spouse, a father, a friend, and even a leader. We push people away, lash out at those we love the most, and keep our inner struggles to ourselves. This disjunction from the outside world poisons our relationships and threatens our ability to find true fulfillment. But there is a path to a better version of the modern man. By confronting the inner challenges that inform our outward behaviors, we can reshape ourselves. With help and courage, we can set off on a new journey toward better relationships, more honest and effective communication, and an overall better life. Tony C. Daloisio harnesses over thirty years of professional experience as a practicing psychologist and researcher, as well as his own personal journey, to illuminate the road to a well lived life. The path—and the journeyman—will never be perfect, but the journey itself will lead to lasting positive change for ourselves and for our loved ones.
Psychologist Daloisio has astutely blended his professional knowledge as a practicing psychologist and his personal life experiences to create this self-help guide for men looking to make the first steps toward change, such as better connecting with a significant other, being a better friend, becoming more open and less guarded, and more. With a warm, open, and can-do demeanor, The Journeyman Life balances the practical and the thought-provoking, arguing that it’s possible to defuse anger, frustration, and other negative emotions, and always writing with an attentive eye to the ever-shifting cultural assumptions and standards that men face. Daloisio knows the impact of change, saying, “Our quest for the evolution of our own life is at stake, but in truth, the stakes are much higher than that.” For readers committed to bettering themselves, Daloisio’s stand-out guide offers a simple, inviting place to start.

Writing with a professional’s authority but the welcoming voice of a patient coach, Daloisio offers research, understanding, and personal stories to help motivate readers, always keeping the material accessible. Similarly, he demonstrates aptitude for targeting different types of learners—he provides functional outlines, tells personal stories, and practical guidelines as he demonstrates the power of engaging in “true dialogue” or how to reveal the inner self.

“There are three thousand words in the English language related to feelings, and they are perhaps some of the least understood of all words for men,” Daloisio writes. That’s overstating the case a bit, of course, but The Journeyman Life acknowledges that personal reflection, self-care, and change can be challenging, particularly for men, who are often not encouraged toward this kind of growth. Daloisio’s clear-eyed program lays out the stages of change, how change works in the brain, and how the behavior of change looks practically. His stages of change and his posture while guiding readers through change are universal.

Takeaway: This inviting guide coaches men in facing emotions, connecting with people, and making changes.

Great for fans of: Garrett Munce’s Self-Care for Men, Robert Garfield’s Breaking the Male Code.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: B
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A