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Maisie Young
The Joy and Love of Childhood. How to Change the World While Changing Diapers
Maisie Young, author
Women face impossible choices when we discover too late that the modern fairy tale we’ve been sold of “having it all” is a real-life nightmare. This book tells the truth about the heart-breaking realities that affect unsuspecting new mothers, and seeks to help women avoid the traps, so they can focus on being the mothers they want to be. A must-read for both future and current moms, this book identifies and analyzes the hurdles women face as they seek to go beyond the basics and focus on the hearts and minds of their children to create the foundations for happy, fulfilling lives. Discover ideas for improving personal wellbeing that flow naturally from mother to child. What if moms got together and raised our children to create the world we wish for them, instead of molding them to perpetuate the world we’ve got? When we grow and respect the health, heart and minds of our children, we show reverence for the future of the Earth and humanity. When you raise a child, you change the world. The Peace Corps had it wrong—The toughest job you’ll ever love is being a Mom.