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Brian Forrester
The Jungle Within

Hoping to shake up his self-centered life, a college flunk-out goes on an Amazon missions trip; but when the jungle reveals its dark side, including a violent beast with a legendary history, he must decide whether to sacrifice everything before he loses those closest to him.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Jungle Within is a work of fiction in the adventure, action, and drama subgenres. It is aimed at young adult readers and was penned by author Brian Forrester. Set at the older end of the YA scale but with content that is also largely suitable for younger readers, our central protagonist is nineteen-year-old Pace Howell. Pace has already settled into the humdrum at such a tender age, and wonders if there ought to be more to his life than making meager tips at a restaurant and reliving his failed college experience. So when he meets the beautiful and charming Sage and hears that she’s about to set off on a mission to the Amazon, things seem to be looking up…Author Brian Forrester sets readers on a course for adventure in the typical optimistic style of YA fiction, then delivers a series of brilliant twists that have us crashing back to earth with all the hidden dangers and mysteries of life in the jungle. One of the features I enjoyed most about this book was the descriptive work, which felt highly cinematic, but was also really attuned to Pace’s viewpoint and experience, which made me feel it all the more keenly with each new vista he explored. Pace and Sage make a good central dynamic for the plot to revolve around, one which is sure to please readers who love a good crush-worthy storyline. Overall, I would certainly recommend The Jungle Within to YA and adult readers alike who are looking for a fun and mysterious adventure novel that is also emotionally resonant and cleverly penned.