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John Pedersen
The King's New Sword
The smallest thirteen-year-old girl in her village, Dinah, is chosen by Olaf a master blacksmith to become that year's apprentice. Despite all the doubts, she soon overcomes the obstacles that stand in her way. Swiftly becoming recognised as the most innovative swordsmith in the land. With war raging on the Southern border. The Northern King commissions Dinah to produce a sword that he will use to lead his troops into battle against the Southern Wizard and his allies. During the crafting process, Dinah incorporates three gemstones into the handle that were given to her by the Northern Wizard. Those stones, unbeknown to Dinah, turn out to have magical properties. Whilst on the journey to deliver the King his new sword, the sword begins to bond with Dinah. In one of the small villages, along the way, she meets a Shaman who explains that her destiny is not to deliver the sword to the King. But to lead a small force from the Middle Kingdom against the Wizard and his allies. Still determined to deliver the sword to the King, despite her growing skills wielding the sword. Dinah meets a strange old man who turns out to be a shapeshifting human who, in another body, becomes a dragon. Leading her into the Middle Kingdom, the old man helps assemble a small force of ancient beings to fight the Southern Wizard. The journey to the stronghold of the Southern forces doesn't exactly go smoothly before the Northern King and his army joins them at the Southern Castle and reclaims the sword. But, without the sword and having lost some of her small party in previous battles, how will Dinah secure freedom for all the Kingdoms?