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Justin Routt
The Last American Geek
Justin Routt, author

Young Adult; Romance; (Market)

The Last American Geek is an erotic, romance novel. The story is about two geeks, a boy and girl who are childhood friends. As they grow up, they face the challenging world of dating, sex, romance and erotica, in which they both fail miserably. Later in life, the two geeks reconnect and end up falling madly in love. Their romance lasts for years and they plan to be married, but just a short time after The LAG goes off to college, his lover breaks off their relationship, crushing him. He desperately tries to win his former lover back but fails. Nearing the end of his rope, a weird, out of the ordinary event happens which shows him the way to hook up with numerous women. His former lover finally comes around but The LAG has many other options, is experiencing lots of sex and believes he doesn’t need her. He then realizes how much he really loves her but also wants to keep hooking up with other women. His conflict eats at his soul, forcing him to make a decision between true love and lust! Which does he choose? What would you do? Based on a true, real-life story!