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Billy Baldwin
The Last Leaf
One fine day in early spring the newly sprouted leaves on The Great Oak tree laugh as they see a small misshapen leaf blossom on their branch. The bright green leaves tell this odd leaf, named Crinkle, that he will surely blow off the tree with the first strong wind of the season. Crinkle is filled with fear until he is reassured by Gus, the biggest leaf, that when a leaf falls its energy is pulled right back into the tree to then sprout again the following spring. Though he doesn’t fit in with the other leaves and is teased due to his strange shape and color, Crinkle discovers he has more strength and more courage than any other leaf on The Great Oak Tree. Through the rainy season, blustery Northeastern winds, and the bitter cold, little Crinkle holds on to his branch and endures a lonely winter to become the winner of the annual Last Leaf competition. When the next spring arrives Crinkle blossoms again only to learn that something wonderful can happen when you conquer your fears, strive to do your best, and defy all expectations.