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Robert Cole
The Last Portal
Robert Cole, author
Severe storms, heatwaves and floods are sweeping across planet Earth. Against this backdrop, three high school students, known and tormented for their strange abilities, fight their own battles against school bullies. The discovery of a strange key plunges all three through a portal into a sister world, Cathora, in another dimension. In this world their behaviours, that labelled them as misfits on Earth, turn out to be the seeds of extraordinary powers. They soon meet Batarr, the Guardian of the portal; he tells them they are not normal children but are part of a group of six entities called Mytar who are periodically seeded throughout the dimensions to fight planetary invasions across these portals. Cathora has been invaded by an alien army, led by a creature known only as Zelnoff. Zelnoff’s next target is Earth. The Mytar alone have the power to stop him if the other Mytar from Earth can be found. There ensues many struggles and battles as Chris, Susie and Joe seek to evade Zelnoff’s forces long enough for their powers to develop so they can detect the remaining Mytar.
SelfPublishing Review

"A wildly creative YA saga. Cole's execution is fantastically original, and the core characters leap off the page with energy, attitude, and personality. Exploring themes of otherness, confidence, finding your tribe, and self-acceptance, The Last Portal is an easy-to-read adventure with strong messaging, quick wit, and complex protagonists who will carry this trilogy forward."