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Bryan Mooney
The Last Spy
Bryan Mooney, author
China has been stealing America’s most treasured secrets for the past thirty years. The Chinese communists have stolen military, biomedical, computer, agricultural, and technology secrets – targeting anything representing American excellence. Thousands of incessant cyberattacks and hundreds of thousands of Chinese spies wage war daily against America and its allies. They had to be stopped. In 2016, when the latest in advanced American technology turned out to be a tremendously expensive failure, CIA operatives leaped into action. The upper echelons of America’s top intelligence services hatched a brilliant plan to stop the Chinese thievery once and for all. Their mission was classified at the highest level, TOP SECRET–CRIMSON. The plan was simple and foolproof – let the Chinese steal it! The plan worked flawlessly for years until Daniel Bronson, a low-level government auditor, stumbled across it. With years of planning and America’s national security at risk, he had to be silenced at all costs–sooner rather than later. This is that story…