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Tina Beattie
The Last Supper According to Martha and Mary
Tina Beattie, author
This intriguing book offers a fictional account of the Last Supper as narrated by sisters Martha and Mary. Lyrical, dramatic, strongly rooted in time and place, it imagines what it was like to be among the anarchic group of followers gathered around Jesus on the night before his death. Outside, Jerusalem broods in darkness, but what passions, hopes and fears swirl among the friends gathered in an upper room, as tensions rise and a terrible sense of foreboding creeps through them?
Amazon Reviews

That there were more than a handful of men caught up in this extraordinary epoch is a point that is well known, but rarely so well articulated. (Nick Mayhew-Smith, author of Britain's Pilgrim Places)

Journal of Theology and Sexuality

Powerful, moving, original and well-written. ... It is both bold and beautiful. And the last two pages are completely wonderful - theology, poetry and humanity met together. " (Sara Maitland, novelist and theologian)

The Furrow

... depicts two very real people and their own struggle in faith.  ... The witness of the two women creates for the reader a very different picture of the night in question." (The Furrow)