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Paperback Book Details
  • 02/2018
  • 9781985146235 BO7CBGKTMK
  • 576 pages
  • $25.50 US
The Legacy of Tallow Manor
One fateful day, the second meeting of Benjamin and Elizabeth , was to change their lives forever. As teenagers, they could not know how their friendship could dictate the course of both their lives. We follow the lives of Elizabeth, of Tallow Manor, and Benjamin, a farrier's son, as the twists and turns of fate and the meddling of family pull and push them through life. Will they ever meet again? This epic tale will take you to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece and home to England.
Angela Sandford


Angela Sandford's review (May 15, 2018) 

The Legacy of Tallow Manor By Terence J. Goodchild

Childhood friendship! Romance! Deception! Lives intertwined! This epic saga has it all!

Benjamin was a farrier's son, whilst Elizabeth was the daughter of Lord Simon Gatcombe. 

Elizabeth lived with her parents and grandmother at Tallow Manor. They were very rich, and had their every needs catered for by a butler and maids.

Benjamin lived with his mother and father on the estate grounds.

Elizabeth and Benjamin fell in love, but they were soon to be parted - Elizabeth's mother caught wind of the tender love, and sent Benjamin and his family to Australia to start a new life. The young teenagers were distraught.

Having just reached the coast of Australia, the ship sank, and Benjamin was parted from his parents. They thought he had died, but Benjamin had survived and was finally rescued from a terrible fate, by a kind gentleman named Jonathan, who took him under his wing. 

Years passed and Benjamin never gave up hope of finding his parents. By now he was a wealthy man. He journeyed to New Zealand, and then back to England, still searching for his parents.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth had been in Italy to finish her schooling, and then became a nurse in France during the war. Her father died and Tallow Manor was to be sold, but who to?....

There's lots more to the story with lives intertwined and recurring characters. On the whole I really enjoyed the unraveling storyline - there were certainly surprises to be read!

However, there were negatives. I found the usage of common language to not be in keeping with the era - it was too informal. I gather it was written like this on purpose, but I felt it spoilt it somewhat for me. Regardless, I would thoroughly recommend this read. I feel the story has so much potential that it could even be produced for a television serial!

 All in all, I'll give Tallow Manor   Four Star

Igor Eleseev



Significant Book 23 July 2018

By Igor Eliseev on July 23, 2018

Format: Hardcover five star

As the famous quote says, “Where there is true love, everything is effortless”. The Legacy Of Tallow Manor by Terence J. Goodchild controverts this assumption, and gives a comprehensive confirmation at the same time!
This is a fictional love story between Benjamin Rawlings, the son of the farrier and Elizabeth Gatcombe, who was born into a high-ranking aristocratic family. Their touching childhood love which affects many countries full of stunning natural beauty and hidden treasures, such as England, Australia and New Zealand is a real legacy of Tallow Manor’s book. In spite of the numerous, unique and pressing difficulties and dilemmas, they both knew one place where He might find Her… and the space between two lovers doesn’t matter if they are truly in love.
Great, thought-provoking book about the external and sometimes internal enemies of the person.

ISBN 9781985146235

[Following is the official review of "The Legacy of Tallow Ma

Benjamin Rawlings and Elizabeth Gatcombe fell in love at a young age, only to be ripped apart. Benjamin and his parents end up on a ship, and are separated when the ship is struck by a hurricane. They are pronounced dead when neither is found. Benjamin survives along with a girl named Cathy. Both have lost their parents. Benjamin and Cathy go for help. They got lucky when they ran into Jonathan, Josephine, and Henry.
Meanwhile, back at Tallow Manor, Elizabeth found out Benjamin and his parents did not survive the shipwreck. She soon discovers some secrets that change her life forever. She leaves home with her cousin Sophie. They run into an old maid named Bessy, whom was begging for food on the street and decide to take her with them. Bessy and Sophie become Elizabeth's new family.

Life has other plans for the two. Things do not turn out as planned and they reunite. When they see each other, they easily pick up where they left off. Then Benjamin gets a surprise that his parents are alive and Elizabeth finds out her real mom is also still alive. It doesn't stop there. Things are just getting started.

I could not put this book down. There were so many surprises I couldn't stop reading. I really enjoyed reading the events leading the way the characters in the story come together. Even with the secrets that could have torn some of them apart only brought them closer together. The only thing I found I did not like was some disturbing scenes that could have done without. Otherwise, I did not find much about it that I did not like.

I give this book a 3 out of 4

Paperback Book Details
  • 02/2018
  • 9781985146235 BO7CBGKTMK
  • 576 pages
  • $25.50 US