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The Legend of Deputy Jim
Jim Edwards always thought he'd join the military when he graduated from high school. But then he snuck off and married his high school sweetheart the middle of their senior year and his wife Linda got pregnant right away. Jim did not want to leave his new family and get deployed halfway around the world, but he still wanted to serve his country. That’s when he decided to go into law enforcement. He talked to his dad about it and he reached out to and old friend for his son. Sheriff George Manning of Sheridan County Wyoming told him that if Jim went to Junior College and got an associate’s degree in criminal justice he would give him a chance in his department. Jim worked nights and weekends for two years at a local restaurant to support his young family and also got his degree at Sheridan Community College. Jim was also a damn good heavy weight amateur boxer in Wyoming and even tied the State Champ in a local match before joining the department. Jim rescued Sheriff Manning and a couple of civilians from a bunch of bikers that had them cornered on a mountain road just before he joined the Department. Later when one of them threatened his wife and child in retaliation Jim's temper got the best of him and he throws the biker a beating he won’t ever forget. That starts a series of events that pits Deputy Jim Edwards against the notorious Wild Wolves’ Biker Gang and its two leaders. Now Jim has a big problem and even though Sheriff Manning and his top Lt. Al Freeburger think that Jim is the best Deputy they've ever had they don't know if Jim can survive the Wolves vendetta against him. Jim finds himself pitted against not only a notorious biker gang but South American cartels, and corrupt politicians. Jim is smart and good, but he is also young and inexperienced. When it comes to his family’s safety he won’t compromise and he won’t back down. His enemies know this and will try to use this against him. They are going to lure the young Lawman into a death trap and all Jim has is his grit and his wits to see him through. But this all happened back in 1974, and Jim Edwards is alive and well. He has just recently returned from helping rescue his son, Commander Jacob Edwards from Maximillian’s prison down in Central America. Captain Tommy Williams the leader of the rescue has known for a long time that there is something very interesting about Jims past service in the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department. So he uses and opportunity to visit that town with the Edwards family to go there and find out for himself why some "old law dogs" around Sheridan still call it "The Legend of Deputy Jim".
Readers Favorite

"Reviewed By Joshua Soule for Readers' Favorite“You’re a hero, Jim, plain and simple. But that ain’t necessarily a good thing either.” The Legend of Deputy Jim is the thrilling story of Jim Edwards, working for the Sheridan County, Wyoming Sheriff’s Department in the 1970s. His tale is anything but normal; day one of his career is already filled with the dangerous involvement of the Wild Wolves, a notorious motorcycle gang. A dispute between law enforcement and outlaws is not all that Deputy Jim finds himself involved in - the ties of the Wolves run deep into their cartel drug suppliers and corrupted politicians on the payroll. Jim struggles to do the right thing, fulfill his duty, be a protector, and come out of a death trap alive as the story climaxes toward a dangerous showdown from the outlaw bikers, particularly Grinder, who want him dead. This action-packed novel will have you on the edge of your seat.Reading The Legend of Deputy Jim was a pleasure, to say the least. Dan E. Hendrickson has done an incredible job of creating a thrilling story with vivid and relatable characters. Hendrickson has clearly poured passion into his work that comes alive in the characters. I laughed, I sat at the edge of my seat, I worried about the wellbeing of the characters. I found it extremely difficult to stop reading once I started. I became emotionally attached, and the story stuck with me long after I put the book down. The Legend of Deputy Jim truly is a once in a lifetime type of novel, and it is highly recommended!"