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The Lights of Sheridan Square
Bob Ford, author
Joanna Olenska escaped a Brooklyn Catholic orphanage at eighteen in search of a Broadway dream that has remained just beyond her reach. Jay Carraway has abandoned the opulent, secure life of North Greenwich, Connecticut to come to New York and pursue a career very different from the family-owned mega-business. The story, set against the background of the TV commercial production and advertising world of New York City during the late '50s, tells how Jay falls in love with Joanna and pursues her tenaciously, but at first unsuccessfully. Joanna, four years his senior, regards him as simply a nice guy out of his element, having come from a life that she can barely comprehend, populated with people whose attitudes toward her she does not understand. Hardened by the life of a struggling actress, Joanna has wrapped herself in an emotionally protective veneer. In time, she gives in to Jay’s openness, his emotional support and lets him penetrate her shell. Elliot Pierce, a TV commercial director who hires Jay to work for him, lurks as a threat to their happiness because of his past relationship with Joanna. Elliot lives his life on a seamy edge, always giving in to his libido, yet determined to pursue a phantom dream that, in his heart, he is afraid he might catch. Jay’s aristocratic, snobbish mother regards Joanna as an unwelcome social interloper. Her efforts to destroy their relationship set in motion events take Jay years to reclaim that which he has lost and to answer questions that have haunted him since a late summer day in 1957.
Bruce Miller – Reviewer -TGW Book Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsThis is an exceptional book.

Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2021

        I enjoyed reading “The Lights of Sheridan Square, A Novel” by Bob Ford who, in my opinion, has written a beautiful, passionate, and exceptionally intriguing romantic novel with remarkably interesting characters. I found this story was highly refreshing and smoothed things out for me in today’s world of technology and instant gratification, and I felt the author wisely chose a ‘50’s setting for this intense and very heart-warming story.
        I was also fascinated with how the characters reacted to each other and in my view, I felt this author has an above the average EQ and a high sense of empathy for human feelings that he skillfully expresses in this story. For example,
“Jay became aware that she had the quizzical look of someone who suspects that they are about to be subjected to a critical appraisal. He turned away quickly in an effort to mask the embarrassment at having over-stared his welcome. When he glanced back, it appeared to him that she had taken refuge behind a wall of indifference.”
         Stephen King once said, “Description begins in the writer's imagination and finishes in the mind of the reader.” In my opinion, this author is an exceptionally professional and talented writer and crafted this story in a highly descriptive - almost prose-like manner. For example,
       “The mantle of autumn had begun to drape myriad colors on the trees that   surround The Lake in Central Park. The sun, ready to seek its nightly retreat, fell long and low on the water only to be shattered into a thousand tiny yellow diamonds by the breeze-driven ripples.”
          I enjoyed the way this brilliant writer develops the characters throughout the story through encounters and situations and the twists and turns with highly emotional, unexpected, and fascinating scenes and locations. I liked the assortment of characters – the good, the bad, the loving, the intriguing, the dramatic, etc., all very realistic and all of which we encounter almost every day in our own lives.
           This story stayed with me and highlights in a clear way how we act, react, struggle, love, and enjoy life and all its aspects. I thought the ending was excellent. All in all, highly recommended! Very well done!
           It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this exceptional book!

Bruce Miller – Reviewer -TGW Book Reviews