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Michele Sammons
The Little Book of Big Knowing
If this little book has made its way into your life, you can trust that it wasn't by accident. This happy coincidence is a nudge from the Universe to remind you that you are awesome. Each chapter is filled with tiny bursts of insight to nourish your heart, warm your Soul, and help you to remember your true-self. If you find yourself asking big, deep life questions like, "What's my purpose?" and "Why am I here?" then you'll want to curl up with The Little Book of Big Knowing. Inside you'll be reminded: Why you are here. Who you are at your core. Why your dreams matter to more than just you.
Over the course of more than a hundred “short bursts” of New Age wisdom, Sammons’s savvy debut explicates a connected, joyful view of the world and readers’ place within it. Sammons’s framework sees the soul—having chosen to incarnate to experience human life—as “in love with us”—and tied to the universal love of “God/Source.” How one feels is central—no matter what others think; desires big and small come from one’s soul and should be followed. One can also manifest desires by aligning “vibrations and thoughts” to a place where what one wishes is already done. Sammons encourages celebration as central to personal experience, and though she preaches nonjudgmental acceptance of what happens, there is nothing ascetic in her guidance for living. Each “short burst” ranges from a sentence (“transformation is the willingness to show up where you are—differently”) to a single page, and offers affirmational reminders of one’s spiritual place in the world. Sammons’s upbeat encouragement will settle readers looking for deeper connection with soothing, intuitively sound advice. (Self-published)