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Kevin Casey
The Little Encyclopedia of Modern Ignorance
Kevin Casey, author
This book takes a no-holds-barred look at some of the baffling ways our brains temporarily cease to function as we navigate the 21st century. As a species, we appear to be transforming from healthy scientific skeptics into ill-informed, outraged cynics. We are losing our intellectual humility, reluctant to accept the limits of our knowledge. We are entering a new post-factual age in which spin overrides reason and science is forced to compete with head-in-the-sand denial. Alternate truths are driven by ideology and selfish agendas. The Little Encyclopedia of Modern Ignorance is a timely, confronting and thoroughly researched examination of the many ways today's human not only suffers from ignorance, but at times even enthusiastically embraces it. Taking unflinching aim at topics as wide-ranging as astrology, bottled water, dieting, economic growth, life coaching, psychics, racism, recycling, religion, soft drinks, vaccination and even cinema popcorn, this book explores some of our most common forms of contemporary ignorance – and explains just how harmful they can be to our health, environment, progress as a species and integrity as a society. In an age where belief, misdirected emotion and personal/political agendas so often override fact, The Little Encyclopedia of Modern Ignorance is a breath of fresh air that aims to swing the pendulum gently back toward intellectual curiosity and diligently acquired knowledge. Above all, it emphatically demonstrates that ignorance is not bliss - and never will be. Controversial and supremely entertaining, The Little Encyclopedia of Modern Ignorance doesn't hold back in convincingly dismantling some of our most cherished 21st-century perceptions. Warning: this intelligent, superbly written page-turner may completely change how you view the world... and yourself.