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The Lord of Salamander

The last thing 13-year-old Elijah Pendleton ever expected was to find out he was something more than the oppressed loner he appeared forever destined to be. When he investigates a strange black cat that mysteriously appeared in his backyard, he finds himself at the doorstep of a woman who will split the understructure of everything he believes by divulging his true identity as an Enchanter. When she also reveals his parents, whom he believed had abandoned him at birth may, in fact be laboring under the callous imprisonment of a power-driven dark ruler bent on revenge and total domination, Elijah feels compelled to do whatever it takes to find them, even if it means stepping through a hidden portal into another world to find them himself. If the long-awaited prophecy is correct, then Elijah's arrival will bring forth the end to the land's decade-long reign of darkness. But if this prophecy is to be fulfilled, Elijah first has to survive the long and perilous journey that awaits.