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Jack Young
The Lost Men of St. Aldo's
Jack Young, author
Detective Gil Conroy doesn’t like the looks of his future. Forced into early retirement by a gunshot wound, he finds himself in a double-wide trailer in the woods of upstate New York, collecting rocks and enduring visits from his womanizing neighbor Glenn Stiles. But a chance meeting with the strange Pastor Brumestead at the St. Aldo New Mind Center challenges Conroy's professional nature. He senses that the secluded setting conceals something deeply evil. Amidst an odd collection of players including the local constable, a shadowy Mohawk, his own ex-wife, and Stiles’ latest conquest, Conroy sets out to expose the insanity that is ruling the New Mind Center. The truth proves more ghastly than he imagined, and his struggles to convince others will push him into dark places.