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The Lost Son: A Rock 'n' Roll Road to Redemption (and True American Parable)
ONE YEAR AFTER LEAVING MEDICAL RESIDENCY, desperately in need of some meaning and a reason to continue, a young doctor embarks on a solitary cross-country trip. Over the course of three wondrous weeks, he treks across America from the Deep South to the splendor of the Grand Canyon, from the temptations of Las Vegas to the pristine wilderness of Utah. Gradually, he makes peace with a broken past and learns to live anew. The Lost Son, based on the ragged travel diary dutifully kept during this remarkable journey of self-discovery, chronicles his transformation from perennial honors student to miserable physician, from repentant sinner to hopeful seeker, and ultimately to a confident writer who finds his voice in the Great American West and returns home with a newfound purpose.