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The Love I Shared With The Mother Who Wasn't My Own; A 2021 COVID-19 Pandemic Memoir
Kamini Mason, author

Young Adult; Memoir; (Market)

The Pandemic took them from us… Now it’s time to move forward. But how? That year everything changed. Covid-19 has impacted us all and the way we live our lives today. For some, it was the inconvenience of a few days feeling ill. For others, it was the tragedy of losing a loved one before their time. This book portrays Kamini’s journey of losing a great mother figure, the pillar of her world, to the virus and how she repaired the damage to her soul. For the many of us that are grieving, this book was written for you. It takes time to accept and understand our sudden predicament and progress with our lives. With this memoir, you will be able to guide yourself back to a healthy new life. You will discover the tools you need in life to aspire ambitiously, achieve relentlessly, and progress continually. Through tragedy comes strength. It’s time for you to find your inner strength today and not allow the virus to affect your life any further.