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The Manic Manager
Any supervisor or aspiring manager interested in becoming a more effective manager will find this book to be an invaluable guide. Like a mentor, Martin guides the reader through what often seems like organizational bramble on such topics as hiring, onboarding, coaching, planning, meetings, and resolving conflict. Here's a synopsis: After expending a considerable amount of their time, begging for budget, placing ads, interviewing, and orienting candidates, it’s amazing how many experienced and new supervisors manage to sabotage their own and the organization’s efforts by failing to take care of their talent. That failure manifests itself in a variety of ways. The manic manager does everything from failing to prepare a workspace for the new hire, to failing to ensure adequate training. In less time than it takes to consume a ham sandwich, some managers communicate to their newbies that they don’t much care about what happens to them after they are hired. What results is truly tragic. As manic manager strikes again, new employees who are otherwise eager to become productive team players instead become bitter and remorseful. For many, leaving what once seemed like a great fit becomes a mission to be free of a bad match and a regrettable choice. In her new book, author Diane L. Martin guides new managers with prescriptions for how to take care of the talent while building team cohesion.