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Mary Willcox Smith
The MicroStep Method For the Overwhelmed Parent
Today’s parents seem to inhabit high-speed whirlwinds, where time is scarce and stress runs high. But what if there's a proven way to navigate the chaos, a way to strengthen connections with your children while supporting their personal growth—all through the power of small, actionable steps? In The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent, Mary Willcox Smith guides readers on a transformative journey, showing you how to chart a straight course through the commotion and, at the same time, how to rediscover the simple joys of parenting. Imagine: it’s long past your child’s bedtime. Pleas for “one more story” or “some more water” seem endless. Your frustration looms large, and you are not inclined to indulge your child further. But in a pivotal moment, you stop to try a new approach that involves showing sincere interest and curiosity. And that brief pause, for a newly shared experience as you honor your child’s perspective, transforms the bedtime battle into a bonding moment. How can such a tiny change hold such transformative potential? This is the essence of the MicroStep Method, where seemingly small shifts can empower the overwhelmed parent. Parent coach Mary Willcox Smith provides readers with the know-how and actionable tools that can shift everyday parenting struggles into opportunities to create moments of meaningful connection — while simultaneously increasing children’s cooperation and fostering their self-efficacy. Integrating 25 years of experience, the best of child development research, and neuroscience, The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent equips parents with easy-to-implement and customizable scripts for connection and growth. Your allyship with your child will deepen as you learn to nurture your child's social-emotional strength, self-esteem, and resilience, while you continue on the profound journey of helping to make your child feel truly whole.