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The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent: Small Moments, Big Impact
What if there's a proven way to navigate typical parenting chaos by implementing simple, actionable steps to strengthen connections with your children and support their personal, positive development? In The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent, Mary Willcox Smith acknowledges the commotion and frustration of daily child-raising life and addresses confidence-draining parenting angst. Yes, a semblance of order, calm and, importantly, joy, can be re-injected into the family experience. Endless bedtime pleas of “just one more story” or a stubbornness-bordering-on-refusal to empty the dishwasher can deplete the most loving reserves of patience and compassion. But rather than viscerally pushing back (and invariably escalating the negativity), what if you were to take the opposite microstep? In this instance, pivoting your tone to one of interest and sincere curiosity can diffuse the antagonistic tension by constructively (and empathetically) engaging in a shared solution which is, however insignificant it may seem, an instance of genuine bonding. Integrating child development research, 25 years of experience, and neuroscience, The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent offers, in addition to the know-how, pragmatic, easy-to-implement scripts that convert everyday parenting struggles into opportunities for connection. These small moments accumulate, bolstering your child’s confidence (and yours!) which in turn leads to their growth: you’ll see more self-efficacy, resilience, and cooperation.
Amanda Ripley, New York Times bestselling author of The Smartest Kids in the Wor

Finally, a parenting book designed to be used in the real (messy) world with real (irrational) kids and actual (human) parents. Mary Willcox Smith gives parents not just the why and the how but the actual, literal words to use. Hallelujah!

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Exceptionally well written, organized and presented for the benefit and accessibility for the non-specialist general reader, "Small Moments, Big Impact: The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent" should be considered essential reading for parents wanting their children to achieve success as they grow from childhood into young adulthood in these undeniably stressful times for any family.

Author Mary Willcox Smith On How to Raise Children Who Feel Loved and Connected

Parenting is challenging. We all try so hard to give our all to our children. We desperately want them to feel loved and connected. But somehow there is often a disconnect. Perhaps it’s a generational thing, or that we don’t seem to speak the same language as our children, or just all of the “disconnection” that our kids are dealing with in today’s frenetic world. What are steps that parents can take to help their children feel loved and connected? As a part of our series about “How to Raise Children Who Feel Loved and Connected” we had the pleasure to interview Mary Willcox Smith.

Mary Willcox Smith is a Parent Coach, Speaker, and Author. A mom to four daughters, Mary’s passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, and child development inspired her book, Small Moments, Big Impact: The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent (September, 2023). Mary holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School, is a Master Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Positive Discipline Expert. She provides coaching to an exclusive roster of parents and frequently speaks with schools, corporations, and parent groups.

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When I realized I might also be passing along my angst, my inner critic, and my unrelenting feeling of not being quite good enough, I woke up