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Chip Mendez
The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle
Chip Mendez, author

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle is a definitive guide to maximizing personal wealth generation in Corporate America. While an abundance of wealth-generation options uniquely exist for the corporate workforce; many employees simply don’t know how to properly access, maximize, and utilize these opportunities in context of a larger financial plan. No wonder the Cambridge Human Resources Group called the financial illiteracy of workers “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue” of our time. The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle helps solve this problem, providing an easy-to-follow and powerfully effective seven-step blueprint for achieving financial independence. Designed with the needs and resources of corporate employees in mind, each principle is explained using straightforward non-financial language and illustrated with examples drawn from the author’s own successful financial journey.

“There were definitely a ton of other great things in this book.  All of it pertains to anyone who works for a company in their day-to-day job, from beginners who have no idea how to make a budget all the way to those with more experience who think they’ve already got a firm hold on things.  I highly, highly recommend it.”

“My tested theory of a great book still holds true: If I make notes about a book (or in it, if I own it), then it is a great book. And let me tell you: I wrote all over The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle by Chip Mendez.”