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Melissa Pombo
The Misadventures of Finn
Ever have a pixie bite you? I have, and believe me, a pixie's bite is far worse than her annoying squeak. I am Finlay Stewart, the main character in author Melissa Pombo's epic tale The Misadventures of Finn. But please, call me Finn. I have not much time before Melissa scoots me back into the story, so I will be brief. The Misadventure of Finn is a coming-of-age saga where I encounter werewolves, vampires, witches, and of course, pixies. Oh yes, certain real-life figures from long ago make an appearance, even Alexander the Great! After you read this wondrous and fantastical odyssey of mine, you will agree Melissa Pombo is the queen noir of supernatural tales. Alas, my time is up, so come aboard. The Misadventures of Finn is an exciting voyage you will never forget!