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iasia bailey
The More to Me
iasia bailey, author
If we look deeply into the human experience, we uncover one’s innate yet unmet desire for love, peace, joy, and wholeness – the product of unsuccessful journeys conducted externally, instead of internally, never becoming “complete” in life. The More to Me offers a real, candid look into the life of Iasia, a young black woman with sensory addictions and toxic attachments, wrestling with depression and the strain of everyday living, yet embarking on a quest for “The More.” On a basic level, “The More” is a strong desire for one’s life to be better than it is at the current state – better relationships, a better career, feeling secure. On a deeper level, it is a higher state of being, a condition of spiritual awareness, where one has uncovered their connection to the Divine Mind and operates as ambassador of spiritual power and Christ Consciousness – or the God within – the key to one’s sacred transformation and the manifestation of man’s true reality! In this autobiographical account of spiritual emancipation, Iasia unzips her reality through compelling honesty – growing up in 1980s Queens, New York and the 90s South Bronx, defeated by low ceilings, abuse, fear and powerlessness – ultimately embracing a personal catharsis, reconciliation, and higher learning in a life now purposed with divinely appointed duties as healer, counselor, teacher, orator, and preacher. Applying the wisdom of scripture, spiritual psychology, and New Thought pioneers, the author narrates the unearthing of her clairsentient abilities, embracing the idea of being sensitive to energy and a conduit of Light, thus leading the reader to a discovery that God is not in the sky waiting our arrival at death, but God – He, She, It – is within, as a practical Guide, Real and Accessible. Do you accept who you are? In The More to Me, the reader is summoned into the mind and heart of one who continues to overcome, and invited into an energetic embrace to relate, feel supported and empowered in their own journey toward “The More”.