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Jeremy Francis
The Most Gentle Kill Ever: The House on Daughtridge Drive
From Amazon’s most polarizing young author in the platform’s history comes his new wintry novella “The Most Gentle Kill Ever: The House on Daughtridge Drive.” Sharon loves her husband, Zack. Sharon really loves her husband, Zack, and would do anything for him. Zack, however, is falling for his childhood friend Julia. And since Sharon would do anything for the love of her life, when the three inevitably make it into the bedroom together, Zack’s heart can’t stop pounding. This book is a fast read that will leave you on the edge of your bed at night. Unforeseen love and unforeseen twists will leave you both enamored with and unsettled by characters who, surprisingly, hold a great reverence for love in their hearts. But at the extreme end of love comes cynicism. And extreme love can sometimes drive one to kill – gently, of course.