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Romano Giorgi
The Much Better You
Forget every other book here and read this: Ever seen a fat person in a Nike ‘Just Do It’ T-shirt and chuckled to yourself? Well, don’t. You are the equivalent in other areas of your life. Most of us crave fulfilment, happiness and connection, yet many of us will not take the steps necessary to achieve these outcomes. Instead, we will allow fear, ego and self-imposed limitations to rule us. No matter what life throws at you though, be it a lottery win, financial dire straits or the loss of a loved one, it is how you choose (yes, choose) to respond to these events that will determine whether you sink or swim; grow strong or weak; move forward or stay unhealthily anchored to the past. It is how you choose to respond that will determine your outcomes. This book contains 30 simple, yet life-changing principles that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and improvement; of purpose and connection; and of responsibility and acceptance. Interspersed with true stories and a light sprinkling of wit, sometimes this book will nudge you, other times it’ll barge you, but always it will steer you towards your improved mental health and wellbeing. If your desire to improve your life is greater than your desire to remain the same, not only have you already overcome the first and most difficult step; you are now also holding the right book. Chop chop. The much better you awaits…