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Charlene McIver
The Mysterious Pool
The Mysterious Pool is an enchanting magical story filled with mystery, fantasy and humor for all children (6-10 years) and for the young at heart. Love animals, magic and adventure? Join Leigh and his fifth-grade school friends, Tara and Cosmo on a journey to a mysterious house in the woods. What treasures are revealed that will shock and astound them, and inadvertently uncover a hidden family secret? However, this historic house may soon be destroyed at the hands of a greedy property developer! Can three children find the courage and wisdom to save this incredible house on their own? Or perhaps some extraordinary animals may have a solution. Leigh doesn't let his wheelchair hold him back from exploring with his friends, and his curious nature has him searching for answers. Cosmo is the jokester. He likes to make light of serious situations, however, he's always serious when it comes to helping and protecting his friends. Tara is the timid one; her compassion and caring nature is endearing. She loves helping everyone and her fondness for animals, with the exception of "spiders", is engaging. As the events unfold, Leigh experiences an amazing encounter that will leave him wondering and open his mind to new ideas. A Leigh and Friends Adventure story.
Literary Titan (Five Gold Stars Review)

"This is such an adorable and inspiring book that any child will surely love and

I highly recommend it." Reviewed by: Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief Literary Titan. (July 2021)

The Prairies Book Review, August 2021

An expertly woven and enchanting tale…

"McIver combines adventure and magic to create an engrossing story of friendship, perseverance, acceptance, and understanding in her latest. When Leigh, Tara, and Cosmo set out for grandma’s house, they had no idea a magical adventure awaits them ahead. And though Leigh is wheelchair-bound, he has never let it hold him back. But the dangers are real this time. Will Leigh and his friends succeed in their mission? McIver’s taut, crisp prose conveys both character and emotion, and she succeeds in weaving together the vast detail: Leigh’s confidence and easy acceptance of his disability, the trio’s endearing friendship, the environmental concerns, wild-life habitat issues among others are woven in nicely. McIver shines in her rendering of her protagonists, skillfully capturing both the youngsters’ excitement about a new adventure and the seemingly nonchalant way they try to deal with scary situations. Leigh is not easy to forget. Zoe Saunders’s personality-laden illustrations are delightful. The book should easily make it to elementary-school readers’ bookshelves".