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Zinovya Dushkova
The Mystery of Christ
Zinovya Dushkova, contributor

What was it like for those who saw Christ Jesus with their own eyes?

This remarkable book shares the life-changing experience of an Initiate, Thales of Argos, who casts new light on an ancient story and renews its power to inspire.

Join Thales of Argos on a fascinating journey back in time as he tells you about his path, leading from an outstanding disciple of the Theban Sanctuary, successfully passing all the tests of his wisdom, to the Great Initiate who witnessed Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection. As you read the profoundly stirring pages of his beautifully crafted narrative, you will comprehend the unequalled mission of Christ and the innermost secrets of Mary, culminating in an unexpected encounter with the new mystery of the Cosmos named Sophia.

Eye-opening and heart-touching, The Mystery of Christ brings a fresh perspective, an uncommon insight, and spiritual depth to these dramatic events which occurred two thousand years ago.

The Mystery of Christ will serve for many generations of Truth-seekers as an elixir resurrecting them to life.” — Zinovya Dushkova, author of The Book of Secret Wisdom and The Teaching of the Heart series

Read this book now to feel the transformative power of Christ within your own soul!