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The Mystical Murders of Yin Mara
Phadre Golmin and Jiarna Kay are perfectly matched. Both astounding intellects, sharing a passion for academic pursuits and each other. Traveling from the University of Maradaine to Trenn College in Yin Mara, they are excited for the opportunity to study magical and mystical theory with the famed Professor Salarmin. So when they come across a dead body that defies all logic, they should leave it alone. But Phadre and Jiarna tasted adventure in Maradaine, so the discovery of similar victims, paired with their scientific curiosity, makes the situation far too intriguing to ignore. Knowing that they alone have the knowledge to unravel the mystery, Phadre and Jiarna are determined to resolve it, no matter the cost to their academic careers.
Maresca (The Assassins of Consequences) returns to his expansive Maradaine universe for this engrossing standalone fantasy. Phadre Golmin and Jiarna Kay, former research faculty at the University of Maradaine, travel to Trenn College in Yin Mara to further their studies. On the way, the couple stumble on a rotted corpse, sparking a fascination in Jiarna, who remains fixated on unraveling the mystery of the man’s death even after arriving at Trenn College. But with Professor Salarmin’s repeated admonishment, she’s forced to halfheartedly abandon the idea—until more rotten bodies turn up. Hoping to put a stop to these murders, Jiarna enlists Phadre and their colleagues to investigate—and their stealthy sleuthing leads them to discover that the culprit might be using a powerful and dangerous magic. The mystery is smart and unexpected, but it’s constrained by this outing’s short length, leaving the buildup feeling somewhat rushed. Still, a shocking reveal makes for a satisfying conclusion, and Maresca’s world feels lived-in as ever. Fans of the constantly expanding Maradaine universe will be enthralled. (Self-published)