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Serenity Magnolia
The Mythicals Never Forgotten Mate
Sophie and her younger brother Jayson find themselves in an unusual situation while on the run from their father, they discover that the empty abandoned house they stumble upon in the woods to take shelter in, winds up being anything but ordinary. Sophie learns this house was used as a portal connecting her home planet earth to the Magical and chaotic world of Jeweled city. In fact it leads right into the basement of a newly remodeled and completely furnished home. As Sophie questions her Mental state around this time she discovers a Letter addressed to her by name.. She finds that the new house she is standing in was in fact built specifically for her and Jayson's arrival, but by who? Shortly after arriving Sophie meets Castor; A member of the Emerald Snakes. Only one of the clans that call Jeweled city home. Castor was left on the doorstep of jeweled city orphanage. He is the only Snake clan member that was raised NOT to be a criminal, still he longs to know who his parents were and why they gave him up. Sophie meets many wonderful Mythicals that welcome her to their world and quickly discovers she may be the key to helping this World save their long lost abducted Princess. Things quickly turn complicated when Castor and Sophie Learn they are Mates. Sophie knows she needs to make a decision; stay in this new world or go back to her home on earth.