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SE Wilson
The Nephilem
SE Wilson, author
When Hyienna, a down-on-his-luck drifter, gets involved in complex relationships and a mysterious rucksack, he finds himself at the centre of a sinister age-long conspiracy that threatens everything. The Nephilem is debut novelist Exquil’ s unforgettable slight-of-hand turn, exploring life in Formentera, perfect for a set of escapists from mainland Spain, looking for survival in the unrelenting dry winds and lively sea of the mysterious Balearics. Drifter Hyienna is gifted a mysterious rucksack on arrival to the sun-soaked paradise of Formentera. From there, he gets involved in his cousin’s complex relationships with the promise of redemption from a past he is determined to outrun. But it soon becomes clear that escaping the past is not possible as a sacred mystery conspires to take grip and cost Hyienna everything he holds deer. The Nephilem is romantic, bittersweet, esoteric and has hints of a larger more eternal conspiracy; one that is determined to reset the established imagery of its Balearic setting. A trip to the Mediterranean will never be the same again.

First of all, I was mesmerized by the beautiful writing style. It seemed that every word was picked carefully to suit the whole atmosphere of the book. In the beginning I found it hard to read and actually did not quite understand everything the story was about, because I simply was not familiar with all the terminology. However, after doing some research, I was captured by this book and it kept me on the edge till the very end. After around 200 pages the whole story began to unravel and it kept my at the edge for the rest of the book. Even though I would have preferred a different ending, I loved this unique book and it's somehow dark, yet beautiful story. If you enjoy a good Urban Fantasy with a mythical background, you should hurry and preorder now!