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Michael Chatterson
The Nine Lives of Felix the Tomcat
M.P. Frank, author
The Nine Lives of Felix the Tomcat Felix takes you on a rollicking ride through his journey from the cruel alleys of Pittsburg to his cushified life in the rich guppified suburps. This Indiana-Jones clone, stand-alone Tomcat is blessed with high intelligence and a hyperthymesified (photographic) memory… there is nothing he won’t tackle… including stand-up comedy, battling coyotes and being shot out of a volcano. Ultimately, Felix and his rag-tag band of brother cats and humans arrive at Harvard, where Felix is offered an honorary PhD and a teaching position. Felix writes this story in his own bonafide voice (which has been described as chaos-on-a-page). Felix challenges everything… philosophy, religion, animal rights, materialism and narcissism… He will make you laugh and think hard.

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