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The Nodders What You Don't Want to Nap?
This whimsical story introduces the Nodders, magical creatures who leave special treats for children (age 3-7) who take a nap. With magic shoes whirling and tiny wings flapping a Nodder will peak in to see if your napping. Then out of their pocket comes a small treat or treasure is put into your NapPouch, for your waking pleasure. This rhyming naptime book encourages children to look forward to taking a nap, knowing they they will wake up to a treat in their own NapPouch A sweet story for little ones. A proven solution for any grown-up who is doing their best to get a kid to nap!
In the magical land of Beddy Bye Woods, you’ll find sparkling ponds, cheerful turtles, and most important of all, the magical creatures known as Nodders. These fuzzy, big-eared creations love to frolic and play—but they can only start their fun once kids take a nap. It’s a clever and engaging conceit: While kids nap, Nodders romp. Written in story-time rhymes crafted to be read aloud, and boasting Brian Schmidt’s stunning and lively digital illustrations of its imaginative subjects, The Nodders is a picture book sure to be requested again and again—and one that might offer relief to tired caregivers and children alike.

Though a handful of rhymes feel forced, the verse overall creates that rare hypnotic fairy tale effect, the kind of story that lulls little ones to sleep. That might not happen with the first reading, as the Nodders, as rendered by Schmidt, are so visually interesting that the pages demand to be pored over in detail. With hints of pigs and bats in their face and body, curlicues in their ears, cute pajamas, and slippers that help them fly, the Nodders exhibit whimsy and fun on every page. Those pages are carefully considered and laid out, especially a masterful double spread of the sun setting on one page and rising on the next, blended together to show that they’re one event.

There are no shortage of “go to sleep” books for kids (and adults), and The Nodders succeeds in differentiating itself with its highly original concept —and by focusing on naps. Even so, it could easily be read as a good night book as well. These charming beings will likely work their way into kids’ hearts, and will certainly be welcome in a caregiver’s arsenal when it comes to nudging children toward sleep.

Takeaway: A picture book alive with whimsy and enchantment, The Nodders is crafted to charm little ones into napping.

Great for fans of: Il Sung Na’s A Book of Sleep, Anna Dewdney’s Llama Llama Red Pajama, Divya Srinivasan’s Little Owl’s Night.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A-