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Jon Gutmacher
The Old West & Times Gone By
If Louis L’Amour or Zayne Grey had written poetry this is what it would have looked like! These are real stories of strong men, and even stronger women, their lives, loves, and adventures back in the American West. Start with ““The Shootist”, a story about a sharpshooter, John Robert Smith, and the one woman in the territory who can do him better. Or, “Montana””. The amazing life story about a young cowboy who loses his parents in an indian raid, then becomes a deputy sheriff, and eventually a major cattle rancher. How about “A Tribute to Nat Love” one of the greatest African American cowboys to ever live? Or, “Katie Elder” who takes down three desperate bank robbers with her six gun? These are just a taste of what’s inside – and the stories, together with archive photos from the period, are like nothing you’ve ever read before! This is truly groundbreaking narrative poetry of the American West.