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Scott Coon
Author, Contributor
The One Adventure of Mitch the Adequate
Scott Coon, author
The Steampunks need a wizard to quest for a new dragon bone to power their entire civilization. The Great Wizard Mitch the Adequate is sent to collect this information and return. But Librarian Pearl claims that dragons are harmless and wants to prove it by retrieving a bone with his help. Mitch is unsure of her claims but eager to escape his dead-end job even briefly. With the help of the pirate Captain Fanny and her clockwork sailing ship, they embark upon a very unauthorized adventure. Will their supervisors come to stop them? Will Fanny secure a better life for her and her landlubber brother? What is Pearl hiding in her steamer trunk? Will Mitch ever control his sneeze teleporting? And will any of them survive The One Adventure of Mitch the Adequate?