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Fred Yu
The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice
Fred Yu, author
The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice is a plot driven Asian fantasy, Martial Arts epic, taking place in ancient China, about Feng, a spoiled son of a general still realizing his own military genius, suddenly hunted by the entire world because of a symbol on his body, known as the Red Crest. Feng is chased from his home, his sister is abducted, his friends are slaughtered, and there’s a huge reward out there for his head. Feng learns that civil war is imminent in Ancient China. The enemy, only known as the Judge, is after the throne and out to kill the four Tiger Generals guarding the Great Wall, and he has some very advanced weapons. Feng falls in love with the leader of a cult of poison users, a beautiful woman with blue eyes that came from the other end of the silk road, dressed in red with a metal whip attached to a poisoned blade. He races against time to kill the Judge’s weapons maker and cut his supply lines. By chance, the weapons maker sees the symbol on Feng’s body and he sacrifices himself and his entire family to keep our hero alive, telling him that he is the only one who can unite the people and destroy the enemy. Feng realizes his responsibility to the world and realizes his own genius. In a desperate attempt to prevent the Judge’s forces from combining on the battlefield, Feng is determined to hold back an army of 50 thousand with his meager 2 thousand men. While planning his defense in a narrow passageway between two canyons, he learns that assassins have been assigned to murder his father, and that the other Tiger Generals have been murdered one after another. In a desperate attempt to turn the tides of the civil war, Feng hatches a plan to kill the enemy general, save his father, discover the meaning behind the birthmark on his body, and find the Judge.